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PowerSCADA Operation 8.2: "DLL call timed out" when trying to open Advanced Reports

Applies to:
PowerSCADA Operation (PSO) v8.2 (and version updates) with compatible Advanced Reports & Dashboarding (AR&D) module.
By version updates are understood any PSO Service Releases, PSO Service Packs, PSO Updates or PSO Hotfixes applied on the base PSO release version.

Cannot display Advanced Reports in PSO Runtime. When opening the web report page the "DLL call timed out" error pops up:

Among of the identified possible root causes of this issue were:
Either a missing SSO Password or a wrong SSO Password encryption.

The above causes have these symptoms:
In Advanced Config Utility (ACU) tool there is an empty field "SSO Password".
To see this, in ACU tool > "Security" section > "Single Sign On" > "Application: Advanced Reporting" > Editing the existing user opens up the "Edit User" window, which shows empty field "SSO Password" for the corresponding "SSO User":

This happens if the ACU tool is not able to decode the encrypted SSO Password string, or the SSO Password was manually deleted and re-encrypted as empty string.
It is not possible, through ACU not to enter a SSO Password, because the "Edit User" window will not validate this situation.
Another possiblity, although not tested, could be that the project was created on a different machine and/or in a lower PSO version, then restored on the current PSO machine.

The fix for this is:
In ACU tool a valid "SSO Password" has to be re-entered for the "SSO User".
The changes have to be saved after closing the "Edit User" window.
There are no other operations necessary (like CoreServiceHost service restart or PSO runtime restart).


Created on December, 21st 2017 by
Adrian Dicea
PowerSCADA Product Prime @ Expert Level - Global Technical Support
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