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How to reset ATV localy when controlled over communication?

Whether local means digital input or HMI keys, both are possible.

To reset the fault while drive is controlled via communication - this can be be done:
- either via the same communication channel or
- or it is necessary to switch control temporary to other channel (e.g. terminals or HMI) and then apply fault reset command from that channel

Case of reset via termnals:
- Configure the same logic input for fault reset and for switching the reference channel (in not separate mode) or switching the command (separate mode).
- Configure the freq channel 2 (in not separate mode) to AI1 , AI2 or AI3 or command channel 2 (separate mode) to terminals.
As soon as you activate digital input, the control channel will switch to second channel where fault reset is applied at the same time. By releasing the digital input, the control will be reverted back to profinet.

Case of reset via HMI keys:
Configure in menu 5.4 Command and reference - HMI cmd = stop or bumpless
Then by pressing loc/rem key on HMI the drive is switched to HMI control where you can apply reset by pressing reset key.
Press loc/rem key once again and control goes back to profinet.

Applicable for other types of communication as well.
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