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How is the internal temperature of the Micrologic trip units monitored?

1. Masterpact, Compact NS:

There is internal temperature protection in Micrologic. It is set about 120°C in the ASIC and it cannot be changed. The temperature is measured through thermistor.
There is no possibility to set pre-alarm in temperature.
A bit map (register 650 and 12004) gives the information of an internal failure temperature.
When the temperature inside the micrologic reaches approx. 120°C, the tripping occurs. The AP led lights on. The SDE switches ON.
Same behavior for Micrologic A/E/P/H: tripping, AP led lights on, SDE activated, and register 650 and 12004 indicate the temperature failure.
For micrologic without display, the micrologic trips the breaker (SDE) but no AP LED indication for the basic trip unit.

2. Compact NSX

In Compact NSX Micrologic, internal temperature is also measured and monitored. The threshold is 120°C.
Exceeding this temperature, the breaker will trip and the green LED will turn off when this threshold is reached.
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