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Why are there repeated error code values in ERRD [CIA 402 error code] variable in VSD?

ERRD is register that provides the code value of last fault according to CIA402 profile. CIA402 is general canopen profile for any variabe speed drive. Moreover ERRD code carries the code of last error that occured, so even if the drive fault has been been reset, the ERRD is still non-zero.
Canopen error codes related to variable speed drives (CIA402) are split into many types, each has unique code value, though variable speed drive may identify several different faults that are recognizes as one type in CIA402.
For example 16#7300 is thermal sensor error. On the drive as we can have many thermal  sensors and on different input, morover PTC shor-circuit or PTC open circuit.

If non-zero value from ERRD is read , this doens't means that drive is actually in fault. Indeed ERRD is the last error that occured.
ERRD code is split into several types, common for generic variable speed drive. ERRD should be considered as "there is or was a fault on the canopen node, but for more details look at the drive or read FLT parameter." 
LFT is the register of the last fault code on the Altivar.  This is a “Schneider” parameter and give you more detailed information about the fault.
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