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How to download with SoMachineBasic > V1.5 a protected application without knowing the password

 With a SoMachineBasic version <1.5  such question “how to download” did/does not exist, because when On line connected to the PLC M221 it’s simply possible to transfert an application configurated with protection “view and download’ without knowing/entering the password  as explained into the help below

But with SoMachineBasic version >1.5 this is no more possible to achieve directly such download , we need to proceed with few steps which are demonstrated into the attached videos:

1st Step Offline preparation with the application to be downloaded later we create a set of files 
These files could  be send by e-mail , example creating :
2nd Step Online in front of the machine, eg for maintenancy people, download procedure without having the password (after unzip somewhere of the received package)

Note: this procedure seems to be little bit tricky, but there is no other way to download a protected application without knowing the password from the version V1.5SP1  and upper versions

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