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why does my CPU Real Time Clock shows an offset of 68+ years vs the NTP served date and time ?

trigger :  this error happends when the Real Time Clock (RTC) of the CPU is not validated (%S51 = 1) and when the difference between the time served by the primary NTP server and the value in the RTC is bigger than 34 years, 3 months and 2 hours.

This happends when a brand new CPU (or a CPU that was unpowered more than around one month) is loaded with an application using an available primary NTP server. At first power on, the RTC will be set to 1/1/1980, and the NTP server will send a date and time like 1/1/2017 -> the difference isaround 37 years -> the RTC will be set to year 2085

to work around this problem, before an application configuring a NTP server is loaded in the CPU (or before the primary NTP server is available on the network), the RTC of the CPU must be set to the present date and time using UnityPro. (this will reset %S51),

the problem will not occur anymore until the CPU is unpowerd continuously for around one month.

a fixed version of FW should be available soon
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