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How can I get a signature (checksum) of the safety part of my application ?

 as of today a signature (SAID) can be calculated and supervised using %SW169 or using the EF  "S_SYST_STAT_MX" (and managed by the logic) but the value is only determined at runtime.
- a modification of the safe part of the application will change the SAID value.
- a modification of the non safe part of the application using a "build change" will not change the SAID value.
- ATTENTION  : depending on the kind of modifications performed on the application (safe or non safe), a "rebuild all" may change the SAID value.

- this SAID calculation will be enhanced in UnityPro V13.1 to prevent from SAID changement in case of "rebuild all".
- a safety source code signature will be provided as part of the next safety unitypro release.
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