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Can padlock with reference EZ4LOCK be used for his EZC400H3300?

 Customer question:
Please be informed that the customer is telling us that he was using EZ4LOCK padlock for his EZC400H3300.
But after recommending the padlock 29370, the customer confirmed that it is not suitable for the unit.
I assume that the customer has the old EZC unit as it is the one that is suitable with the padlock EZ4LOCK.
So I check the old 2011 catalog and the new 2016 catalog and tried to find out the toggle dimensions (Height, width, and depth) of the toggle itself, but these info are not available in the new catalog.
So please confirm if there is any dimension difference between the old and new EZC toggle, and please confirm that the new padlock "29370" can't be mounted in the old EZC400 unit and vise versa.

The answer is as below:
EZC400 platform changed in 2013, the dimension of new EZC400 is different from the old one. And it is confirmed the padlock "29370" can't be mounted in the old EZC400  and vise versa.
Find the attachment for the dimension difference after the change.
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