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What is the reason of incompatibility during attempt to flash ATV930

There are several reson:
1. Wrong firmware package. For example drive is wall mounted while trying to flash fw for floor standing ATV930 drive.
2. Fw package intended to flash is too different from the current fw version that exists in the drive. This concerns mostly older fw packages. For example drive having fw1.1 IE01 cannot be directly flashed to v 1.3. It is necessary at first to flash it to v 1.2, then to v 1.3. See attached table with the compatibility list.
3. Size 7 of wall mounted ATV900 drive that has power board version 1.2 IE01 cannot be flahed to v 1.3. Size 7 only with pwer board v 1.4 IE01 can be flahed to fw 1.3

Pleas note that some other restriction may apper after time with newer fw versions.
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