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What is the format of the phone number to configure into SoMachine Basic SMS assistant ?

SoMachine function bloc SendReceiveSMS works together with a configuration phone number list (we enter via SMS assistant)
The format to use for the phone number need to included always the country code
Example if AB is the country code and 0612345678 the national phone number to register, then the phone number to set into the SMS assistant is

if the registered number into the configuration table is 0612345678 (without the country code), then when receiving an SMS from the mobile with this number 0612345678 (as national call) the reported status by the M221 would be :
SEND_RECV_SMS0.COMMERROR=255  and SEND_RECV_SMS0.OPERROR=06 to advise the "phone number is not registered into the SMS assistant "
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