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Compare RoHs China and Europe for ZB5AG2D

 The maximum permitted concentration of lead (0,1%) is the same in both RoHs Directives (China and Europe)
The maximum permitted concentration is calculated for each homogeneous material in the product, which means that the limits do not apply to the weight of the finished product, or even to a component, but to any single substance that could (theoretically) be separated mechanically
The key difference between both directives is about the notion of exempt products that exists in RoHs Europe and doesn't exist in RoHs China (see attachment RoHs 2 China). The consequence is the following for the ZB5AG2D (the metal parts contains more than 0,1% lead):
    - RoHs China:
              Orange symbol with 50 in it: This product contains certain hazardous substances and can be used safely during its environmental protection use period (as indicated by the number in the center) which should enter into the recycling system after its environmental protection use period.
     - RoHs Europe:
              Pushbutton are conform to RoHs Europe because they are exempted (see attachment RoHs 2 SE position 2012)
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