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Does EOCR-i3DM(Z,S,420)/iFDM(Z,S,420)/3DM2(Z)/FDM2(Z) record fault history,if yes then how to check it.

Yes,EOCR--i3DM(Z,S,420)/iFDM(Z,S,420)/3DM2(Z)/FDM2(Z) records the fault history.

You can check fault history by pressing the ESC button more than 5sec, it displays the latest fault cause and the fault current or
fault phase. Continuing to press DN button, you can see the current of L1(R), L2(S), L3(T), (GR) in turn. press the DN
button again to check the previous fault continually. In the latest fault display, the 100% LED of bar graph lights on and
two LEDs of 95%, 100% lights on for the second fault display, three LEDs of 90%, 95%, 100% lights on for the oldest
fault display. When you press the ECS button in this mode, it returns to the normal current display mode. The oldest
fault record is over written when the number of fault to record exceeds three.
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