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Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 - The supervisor account may not be able to see saved web reports from all users

This issue can present itself in a couple of different ways:
1. In PME 8.2, if you have created a PME user group, and this user group includes a mix of supervisor-level and non-supervisor-level users, saved reports created by the non-supervisor level users will not be visible to the supervisor-level users that are part of this same group.
For example, you created a PME user group called 'My PME Users', and in that group are Jack and Joan, who both have Operator level access, and Betty and Bill who both have Supervisor level access. Jack and Joan have both configured and saved a number of reports. If Betty or Bill log into Reports, neither of them will be able to see the reports saved by either Jack or Joan, even though, as supervisors, they should be able to see all saved reports. This was not the case in earlier versions of PME.

2. A PME 8.x system includes the configuration described above. In the older system, the supervisor-level users would be able to see all saved reports in the system. However, once the system is upgraded to PME 8.2, Jack and Joan's saved reports will no longer be visible to Betty and Bill. Immediately after the upgrade, if you are logged in, it may look as if the report tree is not displaying all the expected reports.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.2

Web Applications - Reports

A change was made to one of the stored procedures in the ION_Network database that inadvertently resulted in the behavior described above..

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*

This problem can be resolved by updating the stored procedure called 'spAC_GetUserRole.
To do this
1. Save the attached file to some known location on the server
2. Start SQL Server Management Studio.
*Warning: Take a backup of the ION_Network database prior to modifying it.
3. Within SQL Server Management Studio, choose File -> Open and browse to the sql file in step 1.
4. Choose 'Execute'  or F5 to run the sql file.

Additional Information
This problem will not exist in Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 and greater because the entire structure of users and groups has been redesigned.
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