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Where to find settings manual for MiCOM x3x Series?

Need more information on settings on the MiCOM x3x.

Product Line  
MiCOM P13x
MiCOM P23x
MiCOM P43x
MiCOM P53x
MiCOM P63x

Setting or Troubling settings

All the settings, measurements, recordings with option and configuration tables plus IEC - 103 telegram documentation/menu database can all be found in the Data Model Explorer.
To get the Data Model Explorer needed just type in the MiCOM model need.  For example in Google type in MiCOM P438 for Data Model Explorer.  Click on the Schneider Electric result for the MiCOM P438 Data Model Explorer.
It will bring up the following Data Model Explorer page
On the site download the P438 that is needed. 
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