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What is recommended tightening torque for VW3A45** line chokes?

These line chokes have copper bar connector with the hole. The tightening torque depend on used bolts size. Here are the recommendations: 

6.5mm hole, bolt M6, torque 7 Nm 

VW3A4557, VW3A4558, vW3A4570 
9mm hole, bolt M8, torque 17 Nm 

VW3A4559, vW3A4560, vW3A4561, vW3A4562, vW3A4563, vW3A4568, vW3A4569 
11mm hole, bolt M10, torque 33 Nm 

vW3A4564, vW3A4565, vW3A471, vW3A45672 
13.5mm hole, bolt M12, torque 57 Nm 
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