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PME 8.2 System Log Error: Can't find subfolder

A customer is seeing error messages similar to those below coming into the System Log events within their PME system.

ID: 983226
Timestamp: 10/1/2017 9:50:00.000 AM
Priority: ERROR
Source: Web Reporter
Target: https://powerlogic/reporter/Default.aspx
Category: ION Web General
Description: Can't find subfolder FOLDER NAME

Checking the web reports does not show any folders or subfolders labeled as 'FOLDER NAME'.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.2

Web Reports
System log Errors

During an upgrade from previous versions of PME it's possible for the installer to assign saved reports a NULL entry within the "RPT_Report" table's 'Name' column.  This will cause the System Log errors and the folder to not populate within Web Reports.

** Warning a recent back up of the ION_Network database should be taken prior to running SQL scripts which modify the table contents.  The procedure below assumes the user is familiar with SQL Management Studio and that modifying databases without recent back ups can result in loss of data or needing to completely reinstall the PME software. ** 

1) Run the following script below to force any saved reports with NULL column entries into a folder named 'SubFolder'.

USE ION_Network
Update RPT_Report
Set Name = SubFolder
Where Name is NULL 

2) Reload the web applications to verify that the missing saved reports now show under the newly created 'SubFolder'.
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