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How can we do autotuning over communication in CIA402 profile for ATV32, ATV320, ATV6xx, ATV9xx, ATV340?

On ATV32/ATV320, in order to send TUN via communication channel in Cia402, you need first to go in operation enable state.

Sequence to launch the TUN on ATV32/ATV320/ATV6xx/ATV9xx or ATV340
1.    Drive Power ON. Drive display NST and drive state is “Switch on disabled”
Here the drive has to go in operation enable, but not started because if the drive is started, the TUN could be not done. To do this we respect the same sequence as in ATV312 or ATV71, but with sending the bit 8 of CMD “halt” bit
2.    So to go in operation enable but not start the motor you send the drivecom 0x6, 0x7, 0x10F
3.    The drive goes in operation enable (display RUN but not start)
4.    Here you can write TUN=YES via the SDO
5.    The TUN is done
6.    To start, just remove the “halt” bit : CMD = 0xF
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