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ATV61 What is the recommended wiring for Sink Internal?

What is the recommended wiring for Sink Internal terminations?

Product Line:
Altivar, Process AC Drives



4-20 ma goes to AI2 and COM  
  - Max Safe voltage  24v DC
           0-10v is rated  impedance 30 kΩAnalog
           0-20 or 4-20ma rated impedance 250 Ω
Output goes AO1 and COM
           Max. load impedance 500 Ω
Start/Stop wires to LI1 and 0V (they're bringing 24v DC.
Set SW1 to Sink the top of the terminal card.

**Analog Inputs will need to be programmed in the I/O menu
**Be sure to Leave factory installed jumpers in place.
**For analog and Logic inputs COM or 0v are the neutral terminations.

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