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The Compact NSX DC circuit breakers are suitable to be used on 24V DC network?

We specify in our catalog that Compact NSX range can be used from 24V DC to 750V DC network, but by knowing the following points for the use on a 24V DC network :

- The electrical performance is still kept .( breaking capacity , endurance operations ..)
- Nevertheless ,the influence of the pollution due to the environment is very important on the contact's surface which can drive to an overheating
- Some environments are providing a deposit giving a bad conduction of the contacts . ( salty surrounding , cement works , flour -milling industry , farm-produce industry )
- Those types of industry requires an adapted maintenance of the circuit breakers working at 24 V DC .
- This means a periodic carry out of opening /close of the circuit breaker at nominal current to clean the contacts by using the internal arcing.
- The cleaning will be effective if we have to deal with a self-induction installation.( more energy to maintain an internal arc )
- We recommend a monthly open/close operation and even twice in a very aggressive environment .
- In a environment containing sulphur ( vapors from diesel oil ) the use of circuit breakers at 24 V DC is forbidden . The sulphur creates a fast oxidation of the silver contacts
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