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How to configure default gateway IP address on SCADAPack E RTU


Ethernet port settings in the SCADAPack E Configurator (TCP/IP –> TCP/IP) have two fields only:

  • to define port IP Address
  • and Subnet Mask.

If required, Default Gateway IP Adrress can be configured in IP Routing Table.

Product Line



SCADAPack E Configurator, Windows OSes


It is not recommended to perform remote network configuration. Wrong settings could lead to permanent communication loss.

To configure default gateway IP address, please, navigate to TCP/IP item in the tree and open Advanced TCP/IP. Then fill in only Gateway IP cell:

IP Route entries configured via the SCADAPack E Configurator are loaded as Static Routes into the SCADAPack E RTU IP routing table at RTU startup.
Changes to this table take effect upon SCADAPack E Configurator Restart Controller, DNP3 Cold Restart or Hardware Reset of the RTU.

More details on IP routing capabilities can be found in SCADAPack E Documentation Set –> TCP/IP Technical Reference Manual –> TCP/IP Configuration –> IP Routing
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