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Is the BR20 Base-Radio Unit Redundant executed, In other words What is the backup system when BR20 is out of power or damaged?

It is possible to install TWO (2) base radios in any network, each having identical configuration.  Both base radios are attached to the same RTU or network node.  The base radios are never powered at the same time, and the power is controlled by a relay in the PLC/RTU.
This is best described as a cold stand by scheme.   This would provide full redundancy for base radio failures and would be very inexpensive to realize as a second base radio is a small fraction of a network cost.
This type of arrangement does not provide full redundancy for each individual radio link to the field units, but does provide some level of benefit because each of the two base radios would have their own antenna and thus differences in radio link performance could be noted.

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