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Is it possible to manage line contactor control with ATS22?

Yes, in 2-wire control and using 2-pole switch for start/stop command it is possible.
Look at attached diagram.
O1KM1 is line contactor (3 main NO contactact+1aux NO contact) 
O1K5 is start/stop switch with 2-poles or it can ba a external relay with 2 contacts.

ATS22 configured for 2-wire control, LI2=run
Relay outputs configured to : R1=trip (R1A-R1C gets open in case of trip), R2=nstp (R2A-R2C gets closed when motor is not stopped. It gets open when motor is stopped or in freewheel)

After closing O1K5, the signal appears via closed R1A-R1C contact on O1KM1 coil. Line contactor gets energized and its aux contact activates run command on ATS.LI2 input.
Motor is then started and et the end of starting internal bypass relay gets closed.

 After opening the O1K5 switch, the run commman on LI2 is removed. Line contactor is not yet open, because relay R2 is energized and the line contactor coil is still supplied via R2 and R1.
In case of fault, the O1KM1 is deenergized immediately. As soon as ATS22 finishes deceleration or when it switches to freewehhl stop, relay R2 is deenergized (R2A-R2C gets open) and line contactor O1KM1 will switch off.
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