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Where can I found eplan macros for schneider products?

All Eplan software users are given access to Eplan data portal (accessible directly from Eplan software). Eplan data portal contains database from various companies (Schneider, Siemens, etc.). Eplan database for schneider products  contains the data, which:
- have been created by schneider
- have been sent to Eplan company in order to validate and compact data structure. The procedure when a device manufacturer in general asks Eplan for embedding their devices or products into the eplan database is paid service.

Eplan data portal is a server in Germany and Eplan guarantees completness of data structure (like symbols, macros, attributes).
If the required data via Eplan data portal cannot be found , it is probably due to the fact that device/product manufactured officially has not created it or has not ask for eplan to process and publish it.

Some of the eplan files can be found here
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