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ClearSCADA: configure mimic objects to blink during certain times of day

Published date: 04 October 2018

Using a combination of server-side logic and expressions, a mimic object can be animated to blink during specific times of the day (user configurable).  This article explains how to configure that behavior.

The example shown below configures the fill color of an object to blink during the times shown in the expression.

To start with, a function block diagram object is created.  The NOW function is used to access the current time.  From there two function blocks are used (DATE_AND_TIME_OF_DAY and TIME_OF_DAY_TO_STRING) to convert the current time and date to 'time of day' only (as a time point) and then to 'time of day' (as a string point).

As can be seen in the screen shot below, the 'time' output from the 'NOW' function block is also used as the 'V1' input for the conversion function blocks.

The output of the conversion blocks is a string point which will be used in the expression for the animation.

On the mimic, a graphic object can now be created and its animations may be populated with the 'Blink' animation being configured as follows

Viewing this animation as a Flowchart makes it easier to understand

The animation causes the background (fill colour) to blink when the current time is between 14:46:00 and 14:47:00.

**NOTE** - The times defined in the logic/expression are in UTC time.  For example, the times shown above (14:46:00 - 14:47:00) will cause the object to blink from 10:46:00 to 10:47:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).


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