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Com'X510(15 min data logging interval) Historically data export issue when it select every meter topics in one month time interval interval

The publication process limits the length of a data file published, since the limitation of the Com’X resource. So, one month data for every topic might be truncated into several small data files. To avoid publication process takes too many CPU resource, the publication process has limited time for every publication period. It means the publication process may not publish one month data at one time.
For example, if one month data has be truncated into 3 pieces and the publication period is one month, it means every publish period only one third of data in this month can be published. Next month another piece data will be published. It takes 3 month period to complete one month data publication, and there will be a lot of current months' data cannot be published.
 The best way to define the publication period is based on sampling period.
 If sampling period is one day, then publication period can be one month. If sampling period is fifteen minutes, the publication period should be everyday or less. If sampling period is less than 5 minutes, the publication period should be less than 6 hour.
If the customer would like to log all topics for all of the configured device, we recommend that they setup the export for once a day, at a minimum.
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