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How do I setup the M580 Address Server for a TeSysT ?

M580 Address Server for a TeSysT
Setting up M580 Address Server for a TeSysT
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 The setting up of the M580 Address Server for DHCP/FDR is done by adding the TesysT device name (using TeSysTxxx, where xxx is the concatenation of the tens and ones rotary switches) into the Address Server configuration of the M580 DTM connection along with the desired IP settings for the TeSysT.

As far as storing the required TesysT configuration file, The user must initiate the backup of the TesysT configuration file  by using the TesysT configuration tool to backup the LTMR controller’s operating parameters, by uploading a copy of the device’s parameter file to the M580 Address server from the TesysT controller.

Note- Any time the LTM R controller configuration changes, the user should manually backup the new configuration file to the M580 Address server  with the TesysT Configuration tool by clicking Device → File transfert → backup command
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