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Quantum Power consumption calculation example

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Quantum Power consumption calculation example

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The following is an example of how to caluclate the power consumpption of a Quantum system.

Assuming that the Quantum rack contains a 140CPS11420, 140CPU53414U and 5 140ACI030 analog IO modules, the following
specifications are extracted from the Quantum hardware user manual.


The total power is calculated as:
(5.1 x 1250mA) +  [(5 modules ) (5.1 x 240mA)  ]=  12495mW=12.495W
Note: 1.) The total power consumption formula described in the user manual for the power supply includes
                power supply losses and power provided to the whole configuration. No losses are to be considered on
                backplane, because it is passive.

           2.) In the formula, the power is not raised at “1”.  The 1 is a reference to a footnote in the specifications
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