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Is it possible to read state of LED diodes LNK, MS on ATV process or the LED diodes state on VW3A3720 or VW3A3721 by modbus or by any other communication?

There is no register in ATV that mirrors the state of LED diodes on ATVprocess front panel or the state of LED diodes on VW3A3720 and VW3A3721 communication options.

The information about the ethernet communication is stored in ATV in different form.
1. There is possibility to monitor ethernet trafic using ATV DTM - see section Diagnostic. You will find there:
- MAC address
- Counter for OK frames received
- Counter for OK frames transmitted
- number of open conenctions
- number of modbus messages received and transmitted
- number of modbus errors
- and FDR related diagnostic.
2. There is possibility to get information via web server, especially
- active connections with port number, number of transmitted and received OK frames, number of errors
- link and speed on port1, link and speed on port2.
3. Diagnostic on ethernet can be accessible via HMI as well. You can get more-or-less the same data as mentioned above.

When it comes to Unity, if the ATVprocess has been added via DTM in unity you will be able to monitor data as mentioned in (1). These data also exists in ATV registers, but they are not availble for users.
LED diodes on ATV process front panel or on VW3A3720 and VW3A3721 are used for diagnostic on ethernet data link layer. This layer is very close to physical medium and helps to identify whether ethernet connection has been sucessfully negotiated (speed, half/full duplex) between ATV and nearest communication port (switch, router, server, PLC, etc.)
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