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How to View Archived Event Data in SCADA.

How to view archived data that is no longer available for viewing. 

Product Line
Powerlogic Scada 7.x
PowerScada Expert 8.x

Archived Data

Event data is archived out of SCADA project automatically per the citect.ini parameters, ArchiveAfter and KeepOnlineFor. More information on the citect parameters can be found in FAQ FA318755.

Archived data that is no longer available online for viewing can be accessed using the SOEMount() Cicode function.

In mounting the volume, you are directing the server to where the archived data is stored. You are not restoring the data, merely making the data available for viewing via the SOE page. To view the data on the mounted volume you need to query the data using the filter options available on the SOE page. To view data, including data on the mounted volume, use 'page down' to query the data and bring it into the SOE page.

When mounting a volume, you should pass the volume path when calling SOEMount() Cicode function. For example, the path should be the following:
rather than:

If you need to copy or move archived data to another directory (for example, from "C:\Data\Archive20120121" to "D:\Data"), you will need to copy or move the entire "EventJournal" folder to the new directory. You can then invoke SOEMount("D:\Data") to restore the data from the new location.

If you no longer need to view the data on the mounted volume, you can call use the SOEDismount() Cicode function.

Note: To call SOEMount() or SOEDismount(), you need to be logged on as a user that has full priveleges. 
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