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Why am I unable to communicate to an IFM using a Protonode?

Unable to add a CompactNSX Breaker, communicating through an IFM, to a Protonode.

Product Line
CompactNSX with IFM

BACnet MS/TP Protocol

The Protonode documentation lists the CompactNSX as a supported device; however, adding the IFM to the Protonode manually or using auto-discovery does not allow for communications to be established. Although an IFM can communicate through an EGX gateway, it will still require manual configuration of its baud rate and parity to successfully communicate with a Protonode. This is due to the Protonode's fixed downstream serial 9600 baud rate and no parity requirements for RS-485 communications. 

By default, the IFM uses auto-sensing to determine the baud rate and parity of the serial chain. Unfortunately, this feature does not work with the Protonode's serial connection, so it will require the use of the Micrologic Remote Setting Utility (RSU) software to manually set the IFM parameters.

RSU Software v11.13.9 download available here.
The RSU Online Help can be used to assist you with connecting and modifying IFM parameters.

Basic IFM Configuration Steps:
1. The IFM can be configured using USB/RS-232, ULP, or an Ethernet gateway (i.e. EGX) with the Modbus TCP/IP protocol.
2. Enter in the settings in Setup >> PC communication parameters.
3. Go to Remote Functions >> Open Communication with Micrologic.
4. Once connected, navigate to the Interface tab (this will show a virtual IFM layout).
5. Change Auto-Speed Sensing to 'No', Baud Rate to '9600', and Parity to 'None'.
6. Send the data to the IFM using Remote Functions >> Download from PC-->Device.
7. Remote Functions >> Close Communication with Micrologic. 
8. Confirm the CompactNSX can be added to the Protonode's list of devices.
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