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How to Configure Single Sign-On in PowerSCADA Expert

When the user is logged in to SCADA Runtime and accesses an external application (such as PME Dashboards or Reports), an authentication is required.  The Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration user / password is used to authenticate with the external application and eliminating the need for authentication during Runtime.

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 (PSE 8.2)

Application Configuration Utility
To configure Single Sign-On (SSO), this utility should be used.

To associate a PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) project user with Power Monitoring Expert (PME) username/password.

Single Sign-On is part of the Application Configuration Utility:
- From the PowerSCADA Studio Projects tab, click Power Applications > Application Config Utility
- Click the Security tab

To setup SSO, modify these fields:
a) Application: From the drop-down list, choose the application (Dashboards, Basic Reporting, Advanced Reporting, Diagrams, LiveView) to which you want to map a PSE user.

b) Timeout: The time after which the system will stop trying to find a match. If no match is found, SSO for this user will not take place.

c) Users: Add/modify the users to have access to the selected application. Use this area to add users who need to have a PowerSCADA project user account.
- Citect User: The project user logging in to the PowerSCADA runtime interface.
- SSO User/SSO Password: The established credentials for this user from PME.


For complete information refer to PowerSCADA_Expert_System_Development_Guide.pdf document.
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