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Is it possible to signalize a fault on ATV320 when rotor is blocked and ATV320 is trying to drive the motor? We saw ATV320 remains in run, generating frequency to the motor.

Hello. It is possible. There are some functions in monitoring menu (Conf-Full-Monitoring if VW3A1101 is used) or in fault management menu. If you want to stop the drive and to display fault if rotor is blocked you can use
1. Process overload or
2. Torque or I limit detect

1. For process overload (by default it is off because 0s set in timeout) you need to set the timeout for detections, threshold and the action to be done. Also srb parametr to define accepted deviation between freq reference the speed. ATV will show process overload fault if rotor is blocked.
2. For Torque or I limit activation you have to enable torque limitation (in application function menu) and to define level of the torque. In monitoring menu (VW3A1101) or fault management menu then to define timeout and action to be done ,e g. freewheel stop. When rotor is blocked, ATV will display fault torque/current limit
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