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Explain the digital input characteristics of PM3255 ?

The power meter can accept 2 digital inputs designated as DI1 and DI2.

The digital inputs have 4 operating modes:
• Normal Input Status: use for simple ON/OFF digital inputs. The digital inputs can be
OF or SD signals of a circuit breaker.
• Multi-tariff Control: you can control the tariff either through communications, the
internal clock or by 1 or 2 tariff inputs. Tariff control through the tariff inputs is
performed by applying a proper combination of ON or OFF signal to the inputs. Each
combination of ON or OFF signal results in the power meter registering the energy in
a particular tariff register. Refer to the table below for input coding.
• Input Metering: you can configure the meter in input metering modes to collect the
pulses for WAGES application. To activate this function, set the input metering pulse
frequency (pulse/unit). The meter counts the number of pulses and calculates the
number of units. Pulse width or pulse stop less than 10 milliseconds is invalid for
pulse counting.
• Energy Reset: energy reset function resets partial energy, energy by tariff, and
energy by phase. Reset is activated by an ON signal lasting for over 10 milliseconds.
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