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How to retrieve trend data from SCADAPACK RTU?

This  SCADAPack E Configurator feature allows the rPAC or RTU to retrieve data collected by the Sampler task and open the default *.csv file editor (typically Microsoft® Excel) with the collected data in *.csv format. The process described in this section carries out a “restart history” command, uploads the history file, deletes the history file in the device, then optionally opens the default *.csv editor on the PC.

The required steps are detailed as follows

From the menu, select Transfer > Retrieve Trend Data… or from the toolbar, click Retrieve Trend Data .

The ‘Saved Logged Data As’ dialog is displayed.

Enter an appropriate name for the saved data into the ‘Filename’ text box, e.g., logged_data_rtu_1008.

If you wish to have Microsoft® Excel start and display the saved data (in csv format), check the Open Logged Data After Retrieval checkbox.

Click Save. The Retrieve Logged Data process starts. On completion (or termination) of the ‘Retrieve Logged Data’ process, the user will be presented with a status dialog. A successful application download is indicated as shown below.


If the “Open Logged Data After Retrieval” checkbox was checked, the default *.csv editor would have been started (typically Microsoft® Excel). This process deletes the history file in the device.


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