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ION 6200: Disable hardware lock on the meter

Disabling the hardware lock on the ION 6200 meter.

Product Line
PowerLogic ION 6200 meter

Intermediate Metering

Requires configuration of some parameters that is not permitted when hardware lock on the meter is enabled.

1. Disconnect the meter's control power.

2. Place the hardware locking jumper as shown below.
(Note: If the meter's hardware locking jumper has been misplaced, a paper clip may be used instead. Ensure that the paper clip is jumpering the diagonal pins as shown in Figure 2).

3. Restore the control power with the hardware lock jumper inserted to for the hardware lock to be disabled.

Figure 1

Figure 2

A revenue meter is “hardware locked” when the hardware locking jumper is not applied at meter power up. (A revenue meter is “hardware unlocked” when the jumper is applied on meter power up).

Configurable Parameters for the hardware-unlocked Revenue Meter
Hardware unlocked revenue meters allow you to configure all of the setup
parameters and perform Demand Resets including an Energy Demand reset.

Configurable Parameters for the hardware-locked Revenue Meter
Hardware locked revenue meters allow you to:
  • configure the communication parameters
  • configure the communication scaling
  • configure the display update parameters
  • configure the password
  • perform a Peak Current Demand reset
  • perform Peak Power Demand rese
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