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PM5500 meter data logs are no longer being uploaded in Power Monitoring Expert 8.1

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) stops logging the onboard meter data from Datalog 1. By default, the data log is set to log the Real Energy, Reactive Energy and Apparent Energy.
The PME driver logging is still functional and will meter other data such as voltage, current...etc. Looking at the meter diagram in Vista, the user notices that a value greater than 200 is returned for the 'File Status' register (19004).


Product Line
PowerLogic PM5500 series (PM5560, PM5563)

Power Monitoring Expert 8.1

The PM5500 Modbus register list provides the following information for the "File Status" register:
Register: 19004
Output: 0=OK, 200=Internal Failure, 210=Disabled due to configuration.

Error 211 is a CRC error but should not affect logging as the latest version of the driver will ignore this exception. The earlier versions will stop uploading the data if this exception is thrown by the device. Hence, upgrading to the latest PME device driver (attached below) is recommended as it can handle other exceptions thrown by the device.

This issue is corrected by applying the following:
  1. Upgrade the device to the latest firmware. The latest firmware and upgrade procedure are available in FA299853.
  2. Update the device driver on the Power Monitoring Expert server by executing the attached file below.
When the latest PM5500 device driver is first installed, PME will pull data from the beginning of the data log which results in a longer time download the latest data from the meter. It is recommended to check the diagnostic viewer and verify if the logs are updating correctly.

Issues Resolved by this release of the PM5500 SE driver:
  1. Device driver downloads logs from the device slowly after a site server restart.
  2. Device driver stops downloading logs if exception response is received from the device while downloading logs (The driver will now skip record(s) when an exception response is received from the device while reading it. There may be occasional gaps in the data log read from the device).
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