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How much memory has the meter PM8000 and what it is used for.

How much Memory has PM8000 and what it is used for?
PM8000 series is a mixt processing protocol meter.
It has basically the ION technology framework inside which help with Advanced programming of meter functions and it has as well Modbus processing capabilities.
The easiest tool that can be used to setup the application with PM8000 meter is ION Setup. Use the latest existing version. Bellow KB is give the link:
ID => FA212816
Title => Where can I download the latest version of ION Setup software?
URL =>

Main reference document:
ID => 840396736
Title => PowerLogic PM5100 Series User Manual - EN
URL =>
It is necessary to clarify the question about how much memory has the meter PM8000 and what it is used for.
Few published documents with PM8000 characteristics do specify that this meter has 512 MB memory.
This is TRUE but this 512 MB memory is managed only by meter operation system not by the user.
User have access only to manage the logging memory which is a nonvolatile 10 MB memory.
  1. About this logging memory which can be managed by the user. The User manual say:
"The amount of memory required to store data and event logs depends on the number of parameters being logged and the frequency with which these parameters are logged.
The memory required is calculated as follows:
Memory consumption for each record (in Bytes) = [(number of parameters x 5) + 8]
For example, a data log recording three parameters consumes 23 Bytes of data. If the data is recorded every 15 minutes for 35 days, the data log requires approximately 80 kiloBytes of logging memory."
ION Setup has direct access to this memory and user can change the way it is used.

  1. The RAM memory of 512 MB is used by meter operation system, firmware, and ION framework. This  memory  create more flexibility for Advanced meter programming where designers or user can extend the meter functionality and can expand the meter I/O capabilities by adding more I/O modules.
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