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Inability to boot , USB and/or port not working correctly with Magelis GTU Open Box and Magelis HMIPSO

We noticed an issue related to a component manufactured by one supplier that affects Magelis GTU, Open Box (HMIG5U2) and Magelis iPC, HMIPSO models.
Component phenomenon is:
  • "Clock signal” outputs may stop functioning. 
if the product may suffer this issue, the unit will show following phenomenon.
  • Black screen with inability boot
  • USB and/or SD card functionality not working correctly
According the notice from the supplier, the issue may begin to occur around 18 months or more in operation. 
We have never seen the phenomena on HMIG5U2, and HMIPSO models so far. The supplier also has not seen the phenomena in the market, even if this component is very common market use.

Product impacted
Magelis Open Box HMIG5U2
Magelis iPC HMIPSOxx52D1x01

In case you see the failure, please contact to our sales office in your region. We will take appropriate actions and we will support the product under or out of warranty, 
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