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How to create Modbus mastering for PM5000 meter into PM8000 meter

Tools, documents and additional information
PM8000 series is a multi protocol processing meter.
It has basically the ION technology framework inside which help with Advanced programming of meter functions and it has as well Modbus processing capabilities.
On serial COM 1 port PM8000 it can do Modbus mastering for any Modbus Meter.
Into the bellow guide, it is presented how to setup and program the meter to do Modbus Mastering of PM5100 and PM5300 series.
In this case, PM5000 meter is connected on serial RS485 bus under PM8000 serial port COM 1.
The easiest tool that can be used to setup the application PM8000 mastering of PM5000 is ION Setup. Use the latest existing version. Bellow KB is give the link:
Details about the PM8000 meter Communication are described on User Manual which can be found on following link:
ID => 1854317089
Title => PowerLogic PM8000 series user manual -EN
URL =>

Information need about PM5000 meters:
ID => FA234017
Title => PowerLogic PM5000 Series (PM5100, PM5300, PM5500) Modbus Register List
URL =>

ID => FA234023
Title => PowerLogic PM5000 Series (PM5100, PM5300, PM5500) Installation and User Guide
URL =>
ID => 840396736
Title => PowerLogic PM5100 Series User Manual - EN
URL =>
Very important!. User should learn about ION technology programming and should learn about how ION modules which are used in bellow process are working.
The reference document is this:
ID => 5003194064
Title => ION Reference -EN
URL =>

The complete guide is attached.
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