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ACE 850 do not transmit correctly all Inputs/Outputs to an Unbuffered report

While using it with ACE850 communication to SCADA via 61850 mms reports in Edition 1​, and bind MES 120 module Dataset to an Unbuffered report, only inputs 101-109 are transmitted correctly and all inputs 110-114 are transmitted as input 101 with true value always (no matter the real state of the input) and with no time stamp.
Same behavior in the second input card: inputs 201-209 are transmitted correctly and all inputs 210-214 are transmitted as input 201 with true value always and with no time stamp.
For some reasons the IEC61850 Client do not support the IEC61850 edition 2 and application engineer need to use Sepam IEC61850 Configuration with Edition 1 support.
In such a case the above symptom was observed: not all MES120 I/O mapped to DataSet Unbuffered Report are transmitted with good quality. 

This issue was identified to be fixed if ACE850 firmware is updated using ACE850_Patch ACE V2.2.20022.
Ask Advanced or expert Technical Support to obtain the v fw patch.
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