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Why XVUC9VP doesn't work (no sound output)?

Please check the following points:
1. to check your Playlist builder version. it should be 1.0.2 or later. you can get the latest version from SE website.
2. to make sure your selected model is "XVUC9VP" on model selection page.
    User-added image
3. to check your mp3 files format. the requirement as below:
User-added image
​4. Check wiring diagram

5. to check supportable PLC and your PLC program. You can refer to program guide and function blocks for SE PLC in the attachments.
    Note: If you use SE PLC, we strongly recommend you use the function blocks from attachment to control sound unit.

6. If it still doesn't work after validated above points, please check if your SD card type is in our recommended SD card types or not. the recommended list at P10 of instruction sheet. 
    You can click here to get instruction sheet of XVUC9VP on shopping Kiosk. the document reference is "EAV72786".

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