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Does Lexium32M limit the maximum voltage applied to a 3rd party motor winding?

No, when using a 3rd party motor with Lexium32M it is the user's responsibility to operate the Lexium 32 drive from a mains voltage within the range of the 3rd party motor being used.

For example, if a 3rd party motor connected to the Lexium32 drive has a ,maximum voltage rating of 300vac then the mains voltage applied to the Lexium32 should not be higher then 300vac. 
By comparison, if the Lexium32 drive was connected to 480vac this would exceed the motor manufacturers design specifications for insulation within the winding, connectors, terminal....ect. and would not be recommended and could result in motor failure and or a hazardous situation due to insulation rating of the motor.

rev 7.19.17
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