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What are the general characteristics of the SSI Module BMXEAE0300

The general characteristics of the SSI Module BMXEAE0300 are:

SSI Channels
Maximum SSI Baud Rate 100k, 200k, 500k, 1M
SSI Channel Number 3
Bit Width 8 to 31 bits
Refresh interval = 1 ms

Regular I/O Channels
Number of Digital Inputs: Two 24 Vdc Type 3 inputs per module
Number of Digital Outputs: One 24 Vdc output per channel
Hot Swapping Supported Yes

Encoder Compliance
Absolute encoder 24 V model with standard SSI
interface (tolerance: 19.2-30 Vdc)

Power Supply to Encoder Voltage
24 Vdc (Supplied by the field power)
Current: < 200 mA per channel (for 24 Vdc)

Power Distribution To Encoder
Yes, short circuit limited (700 mA total)

Back Plane Power Consumption
+ 3.3 Vdc Typical: 150 mAMaximum: 250 mA
+ 24 Vdc Not used

Dielectric Strength
Field To Bus 1400 Vdc for 1 min

Field Power
Voltage: 19.2 to 30 Vdc (24 Vdc typical)
Over-voltage protected up to 45 Vdc.
Current: It depends on the encoder(s) and the load of reflex
output consumption.
For module operating: 30 mA.
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