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How to change the IP address of a PM5340 remotely?

The customer is not able to access the PM5340 to change its IP address.

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Modbus Tester

The PM5340 does not have a webpage. Therefore, the only way to change the IP address remotely is through Modbus register writes.

Warning: The command procedure listed here can cause undesirable results to your product if applied incorrectly. Before sending any commands, verify all commands and parameters are correct. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.

Note: The PM5340 must be at firmware v1.37 or higher. For instructions on upgrading, refer to KB FA23792. The latest version of firmware is available here.

Command 1501 is used to write the new IP address to the device. The required parameters are detailed below:
Command Name Command Number Parameters
Set IP Parameters Address 1501 (1) Command Semaphore
(2-3) IP Address
(4-5) Subnet Mask
(6-7) Gateway
(For example Eg: 0xC0A8 and 0x0201 for

Modbus Tester is referenced in the instructions below to read and write Modbus registers to the PM5340. For additional information regarding this application, please refer to FA180037.

Updating the IP Address remotely using Modbus Tester
  1. Convert the desired IP address, Subnet, and Gateway to decimal.
    1. Convert each octet to hex.
In the example, the desired IP address is
  Decimal Hex
Octet 1 192 0xC0
Octet 2 168 0xA8
Octet 3 2 0x02
Octet 4 1 0x01
  1. Concatenate the 1st and 2nd octet and the 3rd and 4th octet.
Combination 1: Octet 1 & Octet 2 = 0xC0A8
Combination 2: Octet 3 & Octet 4 = 0x0201
  1. Convert the 2 combination back to decimal.
Combination 1: 0xC0A8 = 49320
Combination 2: 0x0201 = 513
  1. Read the Semaphore at register 5680 using Modbus Tester
Note: The reading operation needs to be performed only once. Doing more than once will cause an error. If by mistake, the operation is performed more than one time, then it is advised to do the operation again after 4 minutes.
Register Description Register Data Type
Command Semaphore 5680 INT16U

In the example, the semaphore was found to be 29327.
  1. Issue the Set IP Parameters Address command via Modbus Tester
The table below depicts the example values to be written to the device per the previously calculated decimal representations of the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway.
Note: It is recommend to perform the below as a block write.
Register Example Values to be Written Notes
5000 1501 Command Number
5001 29327 Command Semaphore
5002 49320 IP Address, Combination 1
5003 513 IP Address, Combination 2
5004 65535 Subnet Mask, Combination 1
5005 65280 Subnet Mask, Combination 2
5006 49320 Gateway, Combination 1
5007 257 Gateway, Combination 2
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