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Configure Automatic Archiving for an Alarm Server

How to keep alarms in the system for the past certain number of weeks and archive older alarms.

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PowerSCADA Expert

Citect Project Editor > Alarm Servers

A system generating many alarms.

To configure automatic archiving for an alarm server:

1.  Open Project Editor.
2.  From the Servers menu, select Alarm Servers to open the properties form.
3.  Locate the record for the required alarm server (in case there is more than 1 alarm server).
4.  In the Archive Every field (available on extended form only), enter the number of days after which archiving will automatically occur.
5.  Confirm that Archive Path and Archive Prefix fields are correctly configured
Archive Path = D:\Data
Archive Prefix = AlarmArchive
If archiving is executed on this server on 21 January 2014, the archive volume path would be D:\Data\AlarmArchive20140121.

6.  Click Add to append a new record, or Replace to modify an existing record.
7.  Configure the "KeepOnlineFor" and "ArchiveAfter" parameters.

This parameter defines how long event data remains on the Alarm Summary or Sequence of Events (SOE) pages.
The default value is six weeks. After this time, the data will no longer appear.

This parameter specifies how long event data is kept for before it is marked for archiving.
The default value is four weeks. After the specified period of time has passed, event data that is marked for archiving will remain in the database but will be read only. When the data becomes read only it is no longer writable. You are unable to make it writable.

8.  Compile and run the project

Note: To view the archived data that is no longer available for viewing, see FAQ FA326474
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