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How to Run TagDebugForm Function in Kernel

Calling TagDebugForm Cicode funtion in Kernel window during runtime.

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Kernel, Cicode, Runtime

TagDebugForm is similar to TagDebug but with some additional capabilities and more information for diagnostics purposes.  For example it can read a tag continuously at an interval set by the user.


1. Add Kernel option to the Control menu of the runtime system.  Run the Computer Setup Wizard, select Custom mode, and select the 'Kernel on menu' option on the Security Setup - Control Menu page.

You can then display the Kernel window by selecting the Kernel option from the Control Menu (top-left corner) at runtime. If you do not have a title bar displayed, you can access the Control Menu by pressing ALT-SPACE (verify that the 'Alt-Space enabled' option is selected on the Security Setup - Keyboard page). 

2. In Kernel window type 'cicode' and press <Enter> key to open the Cicode window which can be used to call Cicode functions.  When prompted, enter the password; the user should have 'Admin' rights.  Note that the password is silent and will not be displayed when typing.

3. In Cicode window type TagDebugForm() and press <Enter> key to open the form:

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