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How to find the status of a PME redundant system in XenCenter

What command gives information about the status of a PME system installed on redundant servers using everRun from Stratus Technologies (Marathon).  The information indicates which server is the master and whether both servers are online or not.

Product Line
everRun, XenCenter, eAC
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)


A power monitoring system, PME, is installed on two servers to account for redundancy.  For some reason the redundancy is not working; for example one of the servers could have gone offline.

*Warning: Installation and maintenance of XenCenter should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience. Failure to follow the instructions will result in permanent damage to the system.

1. Open XenCenter
2. Go to 'Console' tab
3. At the prompt, type ev host-list and press 'Enter' to run the command

Below is an example:

[root@ION2 log]# ev host-list
                    uuid ( RO): 3a138ced-f569-4f6f-b3fe-c61eaf41c0a5
                 enabled ( RO): true
                 host-ip ( RO):
               host-name ( RO): ION1
               host-role ( RO): Slave
        name-description ( RO): Default install of XenServer
              name-label ( RO): ION1
                  online ( RO): false
                     url ( RO):

                    uuid ( RO): 9095bd38-ca71-44df-839b-04bb07ab0613
                 enabled ( RO): true
                 host-ip ( RO):
               host-name ( RO): ION2
               host-role ( RO): Master
        name-description ( RO): Default install of XenServer
              name-label ( RO): ION2
                  online ( RO): true
                     url ( RO):

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