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What is the MTBF Data of BMEHP586040 M580 Hot Standby CPU at different temperatures ?

The Latest MTBF Data of BMEH586040 at different temperatures as following:


"Continuous" means that the process is continue.
 "Intermittent" means interrupted process (Power off during the night and during vacation).

The MTBF value of the module is calculated with MTBF of all components used on the module.

"Nb Cpt missing" is the number of component for which we haven't the MTBF.(By example a resistor and a capacitor so 2 components)
"Nb Cpt missing Qty" is the number of component for which we haven't the MTBF.(The resistor is twice used and the capacitor also so the quantity of components missing is 4 )
"Nb Cpt Total Qty" is the total number of components used on module.(By example. 1081)
"Ratio Nb Cpt Missing Qty / Nb Cpt Total Qty" gives the ratio of MTBF missing in the MTBF calculated.

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