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What are the new features in SoMachine Basic v1.3?

The new features in SoMachine Basic v1.3 are:

Remote Graphic Display support:
  • Configuration of display
  • Creation of Operator interface pages
Synchronization retained after modifying only symbol/comment or animation table
Modem support on controller
Modem connection from SoMachine Basic
Communication function blocks
Improvements on the PID auto tuning algorithm (filter added)
Support for up to 4 mono-phase HSC
Extension of Memory bits from 512 to 1024
New instructions to allow immediate read/write update of embedded I/O
Add Advise or Error icon in Task Tab and in Tasks tree
Pre-symbolization (Tesys objects, safety-related objects and System objects)
Backup of online modification to boot application in Flash memory while in RUNNING state
Improvements to SoMachine Basic program editor usability
  • Undo/Redo in Ladder editor
  • Drag’n'drop data from Detailed View to Ladder
  • Symbolization of bits extracted from words
Contextual help (through Shift-F1 key)
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