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How to connect two ATV320 and one terminal VW3A1101? I found in catalogue an example of connection but can I connect two drives and this terminal using two modbus T-junction boxes?

The VW3A1101 requires supply from ATV. When you connect HMI directly to ATV, it is supplied form that drive.
But modbus T-junction box VW3A8306 is manufactured in a way that prevents connection of two different sources of DC supply. Internal 10V from one ATV cannot be connected with internal 10V of second ATV. From this reason, modbus T-junction does not provide link for supply signal between its free end (RJ45 plug) and any of RJ45 sockets. However, on RJ45 socket, each pin is conencted to the same pin on the second RJ45 socket, including the supply signal.

Modbus T-junction box:
- links all the pins between two RJ45 sockets.
- only modbus signals are linked between RJ45 plug and RJ45 sockets.

VW3A1101 cannot be connected to RJ45 plug, because it will not work (no asupply). VW3A1101can be conencted to RJ45 socket, either blue or red. Then VW3A1101 is supplied from that drive that is connected to VW3A1101 RJ45 socket, blue or red. As soon as that drive is switched off, VW3A1101 goes off as well despite the fact that there might be another drive on RJ45 plug.

Next, on HMI it is possible to select the drive to which HI is connected to. Onl;y one drive at time. Important is to seelct different modbus addresses on the drives. See attached video how to connect HMI to them.
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